Writings on Political Philosophy, Public Policy and Governance

1 Citizen Participation in Public Policy Formulation

Public Policy

2 Wealth of Nations or Why Lots of Tax can be Really, Really Good

Wealth of Nations

3 A Global Competition Policy: A Role for Civil Society?

Competition Policy

4 Developing Countries and the Market System – Toward Better Policy for Aiding the Contribution of Civil Society Consumer Organisations

Markets and Development

5 The UN Guidelines for Consumer Protection – Making Them Work in Developing Countries

UN Guidelines for Consumer Protection

6 Ecolonomy – The anthropocentric world view seems to underpin the currently globally dominant political economy. What challenge do the ideas of environmental philosophy present?


7 Deregulation and Privatisation – Ensuring Market Failure does not Substitute Government Failure

Deregulation and Privatisation

8 The State of the State – In danger of extinction or will it mutate and survive?  –  An ecological analysis

The State

9 International Effective Markets Regulation – Collaboration among Asia Pacific Countries in Consumer and Competition Regulation

Regional Collaboration

10 Could Accidental Politicians help limit Trumpification of Government? – The Potential of Citizens’ Assemblies and Deliberative Democracy


11 Regulation – how important has it been in removing the “great (and not so great) positive evils of the world” in the advancement of civilisation?

Regulation and Civilisation

12 Submission to Productivity Commission on Consumer Policy

consumer policy in australia

13 Participative Town Planning

participative town planning

14 A Citizens’ Assembly to Decide Policy on Carbon Emission Reduction

carbon assembly

15 A Brief History of the Australian Consumer Movement to the 1990s

the australian consumer movement

16 Health professionals and complementary therapies: what can consumers reasonably expect?

Health professionals and complementary therapies

17 Resource Manual to Support Revisions to the UN Guidelines for Consumer Protection

18 Information and Communication and the Rights of the World’s Consumers in the 21st Century: Updating the UN Guidelines for Consumer Protection


20 Donating – Why, Where and How Much

21 Public Policy Making – Both of the Main Traditions of the Social Sciences Should be Employed

22 The Possibility of Planning

23 Cross-National Differences in Social Expenditure

24 Does Australia need a formal population policy?

Jonathan Brown